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Demand for data is at an all-time high and CFOs must be in a position to meet demand while ensuring they are choosing the right key performance indicators (KPIs) best for the growth of their business.

Today's CFO is in an unprecedented role, transforming from being "the numbers person" to being a strategic leader within the organization. A foundation for providing forward-looking leadership is mastering reporting and analytics to help streamline decision-making and measure the company's performance in real time.

Our white paper covers the following topics, key in every CFOs role as a leader:
    The Shift in KPI Reporting
    The focus is shifting from historical-based KPIs to predictive analysis and dynamic metrics.

    Using KPIs as a Navigation Tool
    One of the biggest risks for a CFO is burying decision makers in data that confuses more than enlightens.

    Customizing KPIs
    The point is not to just identify critical KPIs but use them to improve areas with weakness, or more importantly, affirm areas of strength.

    Choosing the Right Amount of KPIs
    Deciding what's important becomes key for your company's outlook.
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